Paint protection film

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Paint protection film also known as clear bra, clear wrap, PPF or clear film is a high tech automotive thermoplastic urethane film that is scientifically and specially designed to protect your vehicles paintwork from physical stone chip impact, scratches, scrapes and the elements including UV damage and radiation.

These high-tech films are formulated to be near invisible to the naked eye and appear natural just like the vehicles paintwork yet provide the ultimate level of protection from damage and vandalism making them ideal for protecting any vehicle that is of value and ensuring that even the fussiest of our customers is pleased with the appearance!

The films we use are available for both gloss and matte vehicles and are either custom made or computer cut depending on the vehicle being worked on, they are also completely removable or replaceable without harm or damage to your paintwork meaning that one day if required you can have your car looking as good as new again without any worries!

Paint Protection Film is the ideal choice for any vehicle of value as the initial cost of application is greatly offset by the value gained in the long term of having the vehicle in perfect condition and free from any damage. It also removes the risks and devaluation associated with painting and repairs

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